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Photography has always been a very important part of my life. I began my photographic career over 20 years ago, working for "The Daily Mirror" and "The Evening Standard" in London. A few years later, I decided that tabloid journalism wasn't for me so, I changed direction to focus on architectural photography and graphic design. 

In 2010 I moved to Wellington in New Zealand, where I helped set up and run an events management company called "Wellington Foodies". We focused on producing culinary events for members of the public, degustation dinners, wine, beer, coffee, and cheese tastings, together with visits to free range farms and farmer's markets. We also hosted  cooking classes and demonstrations.... if it was food related and celebrated the NZ producers who worked with honour and integrity, we were onto it!

I decided to resurrect my dusty camera, started photographing the events that we were hosting, and the stunning creations that were being served up to us by some of New Zealand's finest chefs. It wasn't long before the Chefs started calling to ask if they could use the photos of their food. Then they asked if I would consider visiting their restaurants once a month and photographing their new menus. 

Before I knew it, I found myself working with butchers, bakers, a collection of fantastic chefs, small food producers, vineyard owners, olive growers, hoteliers, and restaurant, cafe, and bar owners. Photographing their beautiful creations and helping them celebrate their products.

In the meantime, "Wellington Foodies" membership was growing rapidly. We reached 2,500, and were producing up to three events a week. We needed a venue! I decided to buy "Crave Cooking School", so we could invite chefs from all over the region to host events for our members. My business partner, Marco Costantini took me under his hospitality wing and taught me the ropes. This gave me a unique insight into how the hospitality industry works from both sides of the fence, and helped me gain a much deeper understanding of the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

Photographing everything from stunning plates of food created by "Michelin Star" chefs to free range pigs, rolling around in puddles of mud. I helped produce a rather beautiful cookbook called "Sweet Enough" and have had my photographs published in magazines and various NZ newspapers. 

Based in Wellington New Zealand, I produce the majority of my product photography in my studio, where I have full control of the lighting and a wide collection of props. I am happy to travel to my clients, if they have a product that they would like photographed in a specific location.

I love visiting my clients at their restaurants, photographing their beautiful dishes straight from the kitchen, and meeting the teams of talented people who produce such stunning plates of food. I'm always inquisitive and have a boundless passion for all things food.

Please head on over to the contact page if you would like me to help you make your product or service shine.

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